Course Discriptions  

How to Design & Setup a Successful Service Desk (2-day course)

Who Should Attend

Support center representatives and managers with less than one year experience who want to develop a basic knowledge of help desk/support center operations.

Course Description

"How to Design & Setup a Successful Service Desk" is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to design and successfully implement a technology support "help desk." But more than that, it will ensure that all of the important elements of a comprehensive support function are considered in your planning effort. This rigorous workshop format is an effective way to build understanding, share knowledge and shorten the cycle of help desk development and implementation. Finally, over the course of two days, you will develop the first working draft of a setup plan that will provide a foundation for your new help desk operation.

You'll Learn

  • To Manage technology support as a business
  • Establish clear goals and objectives for scope and performance Identify the "Six Elements of Successful Support"
  • Create critical operational processes and work flows
  • Intentionally design your organization to succeed
  • Recognize the relationship between organizational design and staffing issues
  • Effectively use automation and support technology
  • Value the importance of implementation planning and project management in a help desk setting
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