Company Overview  


Help Desk Solutions assists clients with customer service in all its aspects. We become partners with organizations to define the main elements of a successful customer service operation for their industry by analyzing their service and customer base.

Help Desk Solutions is a bottom line company. We are not tied to one technology, one product or one solution. We believe in finding the right solution for your operation. We want to help you make an informed investment for the future. In today's fast paced competition, you need to establish an expected, measurable result for each investment. Strategic deployment of resources to create the maximum return is our bottom line
for you.

* Who is your customer, perceived and "real"?
* What services do you offer your customer?
* What services does your customer think you are supposed to offer?
* What services mean the most to your customers?
* What level of service satisfies your customers' needs?
* What is the most cost effective way to reach that level of service?

What We Do
We pride ourselves on treating each client as unique, following a conscious, structured investigation process to develop a customized approach and solution for your specific needs. However, typically our services might include the following.

* Assessment of existing operations, policies, procedures and tools
* Evaluation and selection of new automation tools
* Installation and integration of automation tools
* Development of customized procedures
* Assessment of the present quality of services
* New operations start-up
* Outsourcing
* Specialized training design and delivery
* Personnel search and placement
* Project management
* Training

We vary our approach to fit your needs. We can help you assess your business needs, determine best practices for your enterprise and guide you in selecting solutions provided by others. We can also design and install custom solutions. The marketplace offers such a dizzying array of products and services that it becomes a job itself to choose which to even consider! That's where we can help. We can quickly use your needs to sort through and come up with a list of solutions that are possible for your situation.

How We Work
We begin by building a basic understanding of your operation, business needs, and identified problem or goal through a review of materials that you provide and a general discussion.

* Background of company including goals and critical success factors
* Specific customer support needs
* Scope of the exploration
* Key issues to explore

Using this understanding, we suggest an outline for the work.

* A general definition of the project and expected outcomes
* Methodology for gathering information
* Phases of project
* Approximate time and cost

If it is appropriate, the results of these discussions are converted to a written proposal that outlines the project.

* A formal definition of the project
* A suggested approach
* Client involvement
* Organization of the work
* Proposed outcomes
* Estimated time and cost

During each project, we work closely with the client providing periodic progress reports that can be used to modify the approach and scope of the project. These reports on findings are vital to keeping the project on target and within budget.

Why Retain Help Desk Solutions?
We understand industry best practices and can make sense of the multitude of solutions that are available. We bring an understanding of all aspects of customer support, not just automated solutions.

Because we specialize in customized methodology, we can cut through a lot of standardized investigation processes, choosing the best approach for your problems that will be least intrusive to your present operations and staff.

We concentrate on a very focused description of your identified outcomes so that we can design a solution that will produce those outcomes, not just changes. We specialize in arriving at an accurate definition of the problem so that you do not waste your resources on needless changes.

We can be your partner in defining your problem and identifying others to provide the solution, either with your staff or with outsourcing. Or we can install a solution to a problem defined in-house or with outside help. Or we can oversee the whole project, defining the problem, designing a solution package and implementing the solution. We will also help you decide if an "all at once" or incremental approach is best for your situation.

We bring a fresh viewpoint to your business needs, helping you to sort through perception to get to the real data that can be used as a guide in designing your solution. We become your partner in producing the results you need, not in merely changing the look of things. We are not in business to sell hardware, software or solutions that will not achieve your desired results.
Customer support is integral to the success of any business. That is why so many organizations are looking for help in improving their customer support services. Customer support can be your competitive advantage.


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